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Rockport makes the top quality athletic and sports shoes and the ProWalker M7100 are one of their master piece. For over forty years, the Rockport have introduced the shoe styles which are unique, loaded with latest technologies and have durable construction. They have reconstructed the classic shoes with the new materials to give you maximum durability and ultimate comfort. Their shoes are both adorable and long lasting; stylish and comfortable and high tech and reliable. No matter if you are looking for the athletic or sporty shoes, dressy or formal or just casual everyday wearing shoes, the Rockport styles will always impress you. These particular shoes have the ultimate comfort, best performance, long lasting durability and decent appeal. These are magnificent walking shoes which combine the premium quality materials and latest technologies to give you the maximum support and stability. These shoes have the excellent support and stability to offer. Their interior has been designed to keep your feet fresh, healthy, dry and odorless all day long by wicking away the moisture from them. They feature upper made from the original full grain leather which is premium and finest quality material use to make shoes. The upper can be cleaned and maintained very easily and it is very durable. The upper has the traditional lace up closure which enables you comfortable, secure and snug fastening. The collar and tongue have been cushioned to provide comfort to the ankle and prevent any irritation or blisters caused by the extended wearing or tight fastening of the laces. The walking platform is wide and it is designed to provide stability and support during walk. The insole is made from the EVA and it can be removed. The EVA has the excellent ability to reduce the shocks by absorbing them to prevent any fatigue or stress. It means that when you walk, the shocks are disperse to enhance the comfort and minimize the stress on your feet. The insole delivers excellent cushioning to provide magnificent comfort. The arch support is designed to be perfect and it multiplies the comfort. The outsole is made from the rubber which is durable and lightweight. This outsole has been designed to provide grip on multiple surfaces for slip resistant, secure and smooth ride. The outsole allows you natural walking motion and provide flexibility and stability. It weighs 15 ounces as per size 10.5. This style can be found in these colors: White, Wheat and Black.




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Ron from Tarzana, California

We love them. We have purchased at least 2 dozen over the years. The last year or two we have noticed a decline in quality of sizing. We always order a 13m but some times the left shoe arrives 1/4" to short. We have complained about this and returned shoes for replacement. Recently we ordered 2 pair hoping that at least one pair would be correct. They were both too short on the left shoe. We returned them with specific notes as exactly what was wrong. We just received the replacement for one pair of shoes and it is correct.

Gil, Walks Home Regularly from Oakland, CA

I average 20-25 miles walking per week using the Pro-Walkers. I end up walking the soles off the shoes in about 6 months. Fortunately they are quite reasonably priced and usually on sale at least once a year. They are the only shoes I can regularly order online because they are always true to size. Service and delivery comments: Delivery is always within the 5 business days promised. Usually the shoes arrive within 3 business days, the last order arrived in 4. The shoes are always double boxed and I have never received a damaged shipment. The tan color product has been sold out in size 12 medium about half the time I have looked for it recently and I have ended up buying white. The white shows dirt and stains more, so I prefer the tan.

Terry from Wellsville, Missouri

I have been purchasing this shoe for years and have never been disappointed. It is a high quality shoe, durable and really very comfortable we travel and walk a lot and this is much better than a tennis shoe and longer lasting. I have an old pair I wear to do farm work and yard work. Thanks for making such a comfortable shoe. I also might add I have diabetes and my feet need a good, comfortable shoe, & I have found that in these

Don from Seattle, Washington

I have been using this shoe design for probably 20 years and it is a well priced solid comfy shoe I wear everywhere, well except with my tuxedo. It is not trendy, which is a big plus, but it does not look like a work shoe or real sport shoe. I will shed a tear if they ever stop making them. I have worn them enough that I know the size for sure, so everything is perfect. It was never so easy to buy a pair of shoes !

Parachute Bob from Deland Florida

Surgical necessity on both feet caused need for shoes to bend at certain place, to protect new repaired structure of feet. All other brands tested did not fulfill this requirement. Only Rockport pro walker and world classic pro walker met the need. That was 7 years ago and they promised not to discontinue the model[...]Thank you is not enough...7 years of still walking with whats left of my natural feet is a blessing.

Mr. Negative from Boiling Springs, PA

I always have two pair of these shoes in the house. There is room in them for my diabetic shoe inserts. The variety of widths allows me to get just the most comfortable fit. Although they are white, it is very easy to clean dirt or grass stains from them. (I have black ones, too.)I have worn them on planes, on cruises, and even on cobblestones in Europe. I've tried other brands, but these are the best.


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