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Lookylue from Ca central coast

Hubby keeps a good pair of Rockports for casual wear. When well worn, they become work shoes as still so comfortable and he buys a new pair for daily casual wear. Work shoes for my retired husband mean standing in his shop or misc work around the property.

Don from Canton, Ohio

Best shoe I have ever owned. I have been wearing them for approx. 15 years and have a pair that I use for working inside my home that are 10 or 12 years old. They were used for walking for about the first 3 years.

Walkin' Jim from South Jersey, USA

Very comfortable for walking, which is what this shoe was designed for. If I have any criticism at all it might be that this particular model is rather plain looking. Not the spiffyist shoe I've ever worn, but among the most comfortable. I bought two pairs; one white, one black, for seasonal purposes and to have a pair of comfortable walkers that would go with anything in my wardrobe.

HDWeb from Desoto, Tx

My husband has a very narrow foot "B" width and it is very hard for him to find a dress shoe and even harder to find a comfortable walking shoe. He says this shoe fits perfectly and holds his foot in, rather that the usual gush out he gets with a "D" width shoe.

Farmer Tim from McRae AR

I use them every day. I farm and am extremely tough on shoes from mud to welding to going out. The first pair has held up extremely well and still going good after about 9 months and still looks good. My usual life expectisie on shoes is 2 months so I bought a second pair, which I have not even worn yet. They are a little stiff at first but quickly soften up.

G from AH from Chicago, IL

Best prices [...] The shoe is a replacement for the same style that I used almost everyday for many years. This shoe really lasts well and takes the abuse. I will definitely check Onlineshoes for every shoe purchase going forward. As long as the price is great I will order with these guys. This is my second pair of shoes from Online shoes and have not needed to do a return but the return policy looks like it would be equally easy and painless. I highly recommend this company and no I'm not affiliated with them in anyway just a very impressed customer.

The Janitor from Appleton, WI

I've worn the 7108 or the equivalent in other colors for 20 years. They offer good support, comfort and look good. I'm on my feet 10 -12 hours a day. I always buy 2 pair at a time and alternate them daily. I have purchased other shoes and have not yet found one that can compare with the 7108. I purchased my shoes at a local store until it became difficult to get them locally. I'm really glad I found them.

Dan from Marina, California

Rockport is the finest brand of shoe I have ever purchased. The Pro Walker is great for business and casual wear. The manufacturer offers so many great styles in NARROW width, which is important to me. This latest purchase replaces the Rockport shoes I wore since 1992 -- hard to believe, but TRUE ! Also this shoe polishes so easily -- something that gives them a consistent "dressy" look.


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